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About Us

Owners Scott & Dean

Principals Scott Endres, and Dean Engelmann are both farm boys, growing up on our families’ farms and learning a love and appreciation of plants, animals, and growing things while preserving the land for future generations.  We also developed a strong work ethic, which we haven’t forgotten as we strive to make our business the very best it can be.  We met as horticulture students at the University of Minnesota, became friends, and our friendship continues to grow to this day. We have decades of experience in teaching, research, plant production, ecological farming, design, and garden center management.

We started Tangletown Gardens 15 years ago. Our garden business took off and has evolved over the years, making what we do more and more rewarding. We along with our entire team, share a common passion, love and desire for what we do, and our business is truly an expression of us.

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Tangletown Gardens History

We looked for a perfect urban location for our garden business and ultimately found it on 54th and Nicollet in Minneapolis’ Tangletown neighborhood. We renovated the property, built inventory and produced our first crop at our Plato, MN farm over the Winter of 2003 and opened that spring. The Twin Cities welcomed Tangletown Gardens with open arms and we became an instant destination for both gardeners and non-gardeners alike-- a place for inspiration every day of the year.

Many people are curious about the history of the building that now houses Tangletown Gardens. The 1939 building was originally built Mr. Fisher and was home to his neighborhood Pure Oil Station for several decades. Upon his retirement, the building transitioned into a transmission shop for nearly 40 years before shifting gears to the current home of Tangletown Gardens in 2002. This is the metamorphosis of our Pure Oil station.


Our Peeps

Tangletown Gardens would not be what it is today without the passion, creative energy, and vision of many talented and dedicated individuals. We refer to these good people as our Tangletown Team. Our strong group of interesting people come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, but work together with the common goal of making the Tangletown Gardens experience the best that it can be.

Check out our career page if you are interested in joining our talented team!

Our Vision

We are excited to share our passion for beauty through unique plants, garden art & design with a personal emphasis on the details.

We pride ourselves in revolutionary thinking way out of the mainstream of retail shops, nurseries, landscape design firms, farms, and garden centers. It is necessary for a sustaining and thriving future, and the only way we can truly be leaders in what we do. Over the years we have been called “style makers”, “dynamic designers”, “trend setters”, ”remarkable retail”, “Twin Cities inspiration”, a “don’t miss store” and always the “best garden center”… all great things and much to be proud of, but among our favorite accolades are things like “shop with staying power” and even a “revolutionary garden center”. These give us reinforcement to the idea that we are on the right track and will be able to continue to execute our vision while loving what we do every day.