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Landscape Services


Our Approach to Landscaping

Whether you have a small space or endless spaces, new or old, we will help you achieve the garden of your dreams. We bring your garden to life by going beyond the obvious and listening to the cues from nature and your surroundings, as well as how you intend to use the garden and outdoor rooms. We use the finest ingredients, experience, and design sense as the guide in all of our projects. Between our creativity and your vision, anything is possible. Install plants yourself or plant your lawn chair in your new landscape, from start to finish, we’ve got you covered.

We at Tangletown Gardens have long been advocates of beauty and smart design. We strive to make our green spaces eco-friendly, sustainable, livable, usable, and most importantly, aesthetically beautiful and inspiring. We have strong design backgrounds, but equally important is our horticultural expertise that gives us a unique advantage for maximizing the lasting success of individual plantings. We would love the opportunity to bring Tangletown Gardens home to you.


Landscape Design + Implementation

Our expert design team can help make your dream garden a reality. We go beyond the obvious and pay attention to every detail along the way to create a space that you will enjoy for years to come.

We offer complete professional landscape design, with implementation with the quality and creativity that you’ve grown to expect from Tangletown Gardens. Let us show you how simple and enjoyable this garden transformation process can be.

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DIY Landscape Coaching

Calling all weekend warriors and do-it-yourself-ers: Our DIY Landscape Coaches are ready to assist in achieving your dream landscape design on a limited budget. Landscape coaches provide guidance to those who want to get their hands dirty and do some (or all) of the planting work themselves. This service is customized for every client, as we are able to accommodate all types of needs and designers. To begin your DIY landscape journey, click the link below to connect with a landscape coach.

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About Our Designers

We are proud to have a team of designers that are passionate about creating unique outdoor spaces for you to enjoy for years to come. Our designers have a wide range of backgrounds that have enhanced their approach to landscape design. These include Landscape Technology, Environmental Design and Horticulture degrees from the University of Minnesota and Graphic and Environmental Design from Minneapolis College of Art & Design. With over 80 combined years of landscape design, our team has the experience to bring your vision to life.

From Our Designers

“The outdoors is my favorite place to be! I can take any space and make it exactly what the client needs.”

“[I’m] passionate about clean and modern design, and stylized native gardens. I enjoy helping people find an ideal space to maximize their ability to be outdoors as much as possible, and to manifest joy in that space.”

“I enjoy educating the client on how specifically, each individual plant can contribute their native environment.”

“I bring a hardy sense of color, creativity and pragmatism to every project translating each client's aspirations into a fresh and vibrant residential garden design.”